Winchester Revival - "Critical Mass/Cold King"

double singles EP (KOS032) 

This EP combines the two final singles from the band that were released only on Bandcamp, into a single EP digital release for all streaming services.  Artwork by Elana Gabrielle, as with all WinRev releases.

You can buy the singles directly from the band here.

Digital release date: May 21,2021

The Tunnel - "Condemned/Collapse" (KOS031) 

“Collapse” was recorded in February 2020, right before the lockdown started. We banged it out in one day with Jordan Sobolew (Reptoid) in Santo Studio in Oakland, and Jordan captured that urgency. Musically, Collapse is a mixture of physical release and out-of-body elevation, with a dose of Unsane/Jesus Lizard feral sleaze. Lyrically, Collapse’s protagonist is a romantic against a brutal world, lapsing into iconic self-parody as they loathe and love and fall apart. The video collage for Collapse was created along with a companion video “Condemned”, both influenced by the aesthetics of 80s-90s industrial/sci-fi films like Decoder and Tetsuo:Iron Man.

You can buy the single directly from the band here

Release date: Sept 25, 2020

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Winchester Revival new EP, double single for Critical Mass and Cold King.  Release set for May 2021.


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"Candy Viper" single

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