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Thought Leaders - "In Wastelands" (KOS033) 

The first full length LP by Thought Leaders is a pummeling document combining post-punk, goth and metal into a wholly unique sonic experience.  The band recorded all of their parts at their own home studios during the pandemic.  Tracks were combined and mixed by Tyler Cox (bass) and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx.  First single "Jane Doe's Estate" will be available for early streaming May 6.  Second single "Saturday Night Leave" scheduled for premiere on June 2.  More updates to come on this release.

Artwork by Jeff Wagner of The Tunnel.

Release date: July 9, 2021


Winchester Revival - "Critical Mass/Cold King"

double singles EP (KOS032) 

This EP combines the two final singles from the band that were released only on Bandcamp, into a single EP digital release for all streaming services.  Artwork by Elana Gabrielle, as with all WinRev releases.

You can buy the singles directly from the band here.

Digital release date: May 21,2021

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News //

Winchester Revival new EP, double single for Critical Mass and Cold King.  Release set for May 2021.

Thought Leaders first full-length LP "In Wastelands" set to release July 9, 2021.  Single "Saturday Night Leave" will be released May 6, 2021!